Everyone Hates Me Today

Everyone hates me today, and that’s cool…because if I am going to be honest, I am not too fond of their behavior either. I get it. I do. It is summer. The sun is shining. The birds are bathing in stagnate water. It is pure magic. So when I ask my children to do work, I expect a little bit of push back, but today is like a full on revolt. And now, because the gauntlet has been thrown, we have waged war. I do not back down from terrorists, no matter how much I love them or how cute they are.

I promise that I am not asking for much. I’m asking for one math lesson and one phonics lesson. The actual equivalent of 30 whole minutes of actual work.

At the moment we are on hour 4 of the hostage situation. There’s been no screaming or fighting, just a whole lot of whining, fake ailments, and massive excuses.

You want to torture me with your non-stop whining? I’m going to have to retaliate.

How might a mother retaliate against her children for their educational revolt?

I added peas INTO their  mac and cheese at lunch (gasp)! I wish you all could have heard my maniacal laugh as they came to the table and saw the round green balls of doom.




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